welcome to modaspia.  i'm ursula and i design the collections you see here for women and children.  i live in a small town in the sierra foothills of california with my husband and two children.  it's a quiet, natural place.  my husband and i share a large studio in a charming old masonic temple downtown.  i do the pattern and sample making there as well as photograph new pieces for the shop.  the clothes are produced locally in san francisco by the same seamstresses i've worked with for almost a decade now.  i like clothes that are comfortable and pretty.  the look of the clothes is  inspired mostly by the beautiful fabrics.  i've really come to love linen.  i source most of the silk and cotton prints from france and favor a particular mill in lyon.  modaspia has an international following and can be found around the country at select stores.  a fun short about my life up here was made by indie film maker lisa molomot a few years back and can be viewed here.

contact:  ursula@modaspia.com

419 main street
suite 304
placerville, ca