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a few pictures from the trip we made to yosemite last week with the kids.  it was beautiful.  i'd been once before and really wanted to show the kids the giant sequoias that wowed me years ago.  we stayed at the evergreen lodge, an experience in itself.  a customer and pal told me about it last year.  while pricey during the peak season the rates drop significantly during the fall and winter.  we had reservations to go in december but i'm portland-bound that week so we went up during the thanksgiving break.  i loved the drive out there, passing cute towns along the way - angel's camp, jackson, sutter creek.  we piled into a one-room cabin with a small but very efficient gas stove to heat it. totally comfortable.  it was just as you'd hope a little cabin in the woods would be with a map of yosemite framed on the wall, lots of warm plaid blankets and a little private deck out back.  the bathroom was twice as big as ours at home fyi.  the pool and jacuzzi were beautiful.  jacuzzi a very warm 105 f.  - which is great with the steam coming off and trees surrounding you. 
the kids didn't fight .. we shared every meal together .. a conversation started up about life after my son leaves home and i burst into tears.  it's all too much right.


  • oami – i just saw this :) yeah, we’re all “old birds” – even the young ones.


  • It’s hard for me to believe Marcello (and my own niece and nephew) are about ready to head off and start their own lives. I know it’s a cliche but I feel like it was just yesterday that they were little folk. It must be bittersweet for you mamas. Been thinking a lot about aging, the transition into a completely different phase of life. Saw a group of ladies in their 50’s and 60’s at the pub on the eve of our snowstorm, laughing and goofing around (Southern ladies like to party), being totally silly and unself-conscious. It was pretty sweet.


  • lesa – we just drove up to tuolomne grove and that was fun, cold, an adventure etc. note to self, bring hot cocoa next time. evergreene’s restaurant is pretty expensive so we at in town at a mexican place that was excellent. i rode the zipline twice :>
    kristina – exactly .. the trees, some of the oldest, are just unreal looking they’re so big. it’s as if everything about them has been super-sized, even the size of the bark. it’s as if this giant expanse of time has been brought to life in front of you. i think you put it better though :)
    jen – yes ! some whining while traversing the “hills” of the grove but all in all a good time, yeah. i noticed the kids all get tired faster than the adults these days, not sure what that’s all about.
    maiastras – you’re pretty well travelled these days! the west is lovely, yes.


  • How lovely! I’ve always wanted to travel out west… Reading about your experiences increases my anticipation : )


  • Looks like a wonderful trip! xo


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