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Ursula Dean

a quick thank you to everyone who visited the shop yesterday - thank you !  i just added a black silk blouse i sewed sunday afternoon.
for some reason i'm finding it harder to post anything these days.  i'm not sure why.  there is so much going on, with family, work .. so many pets :)  the few times i've sat down to try to write about things it just feels like .. why would i bore anyone with all this chatter.  i've taken up walking and found that i can do a little yoga on my own just fine (there is usually an animal trying to sit on my lap though).  these things clear my head, remind me to breath .. slow the breath.  that alone has eased me through some heavy stuff in life.  i try to remember that i'm free, in every sense of the word.  the few times i've reached out to people i had no regrets, they were wonderful.  the things i worry about are probably the things you worry about too, some of them.  soon.  u. xo


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