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first, i want to send VERY special happy sweet 16 birthday wishes to my beautiful niece francesca !  the middle picture is from our "rugged" 2 family camping trip last summer to the lake.  frankie is the sweetest kid you will ever know.  she's been through so much the last few years - almost exactly 3 now.  i don't want to go into it .. but suffice to say she has been through more physically than most people will know in a life time and survived.  we all love her so much.  HBD frankie !  she's in hawaii right now:>
the top pic:  a few pieces from the fall collection i've been working on.  i had to put some kind of teaser pic together to send to the stores to let them know it's coming.  such an odd collection but i know you will like it.  the biba jacket will be back in dark grey silk velvet.  a new blouse too in silk velvet, lined in silk because that is how it should be worn i've decided.  i did a lot of research on old silk velvet pieces from the 20s and 30s and they're all lined, all of them.  the strange thing is there are silk velvet pieces out there now by new designers and everything is UNlined.  and expensive!  the other side of silk velvet is not anything you're in a hurry to have against you're skin so i don't get it.  so long story short the blouse is lined too and it feels amazing.  loose cut, simple, kind of sexy, very vintage looking.  i'd like to do in addition to the dark grey and black versions a 3rd version just for you guys - like the mustard velvet.  or apple green  or cinnamon.
the flutter sleeve dress will be back in a fab mustard/grey textured viscose i bought from a company out of turkey.  i met with 2 of the women who work there and was really wowed by the prints they do. 
i found this beautiful watercolor floral linen - HUGE print on it.  after careful consideration i decided to do a button down shirt in it, something new and something i hope others are interested in.  i love button down shirts and have been wanting some for ages, just haven't gotten round to making a pattern.  i also did the button down in a soft black wool voile, which i washed so it's not too see through.  it is gorgeous and a little dramatic:>
the fiji dress will be available with a sleeve this year and the longer length as i've been doing.  more on those later.
the books:  still waiting on one more book to arrive (Alexander Calder).  i've added the books to the shop for now just so people can have a look.  they are all interesting and i'm so glad i decided to bring them in.  the last image is from An Atlas of Rare and Familiar Colour - for the color geek, like me:>
spent a good chunk of the weekend cleaning my house and yard.  discovered at my age it's impossible not start going through "clutter" without becoming totally overwhelmed with emotion .. piles of notes the kids wrote over the years.  envelopes with my parent's handwriting.  pictures drawn on the backs of scraps.  endless loose photos.  melted candles from christmas.  clothes that no longer fit my daughter.  i'm like a hoarder.  all of these people are in my life so why can't i throw anything away?  instead the books on the shelf are all stuffed with photos and notes.  it's more like organized chaos than actually throwing things out.  i don't know how people do that purge thing .. u. xo


Feb 28, 2019

thank you sol 😘

Feb 27, 2019

The fall collection sounds beautiful! I’m glad that your niece is doing well :)


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