winter collection


hello !

tomorrow i will open the shop up with a very silky winter collection.  i shot the collection on ayden yesterday morning - bitter cold outside by the way - and it was so much fun.  these beautiful little churches are both just down the street from me so we came home to do some quick changes and then shot the rest at the studio. 

i'm going to conduct sales a little differently with this collection.  since i've only cut the samples so far and have not cut the rest of them .. bare with me here - the customer is able to purchase the garment and indicate which size they prefer upon purchase.  a little like pre-ordering on the spot:>  hope that makes sense.

hope to see you tomorrow when the shop opens!

u. xo

* want to see more photos of the winter collection?  visit my intergalactigram.


Dec 07, 2018

thank you both xoxoxo !! i felt like a wizard :>

Dec 05, 2018

ayden, the clothes, the photographs… very beautiful ursula!

Dec 04, 2018

Gorgeous, of course!
Totally makes sense, and sounds MUCH simpler for you! See you tomorrow xo


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