white !

i think i might have mentioned i have a new love of white lately.  i tend to notice others in all white.  it's funny alisa, the new model loves the color as well but we both agreed that the best way to wear it is in an unfussy way.  to not be too careful with it.  garden soil, pencil marks, a drop of tea.  it's going to happen.  wearing all white seems like a signal of sorts though i'm sure it means something different for everyone.  i remember seeing this english fellow at raves back in the 90s who always wore a white linen suit.  in all that grimy dance chaos, a white suit.  shaved head.  his name was michael and my girlfriend and i used to follow him around.  katherine hepburn wore all white in the movie summertime, in venice.  she plays an aging spinster with a youthful spirit and somehow the white is just perfect.  i fell in love with aldous harding recently, a folk singer from new zealand and did a double take when i noticed she is often wearing the color head to toe.  so yes to white for spring.  here, the floppy skirt in a heavily textured cotton / rayon with ribbon trim.  lined in cotton voile.  also, the pin tuck blouse in white cotton and 2 pieces in a very light weight denim chambray.  kind of a french folk singer look :>

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Oct 25, 2017

Love all of the texture!


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