what are you doing this weekend ?

Ursula Dean

we're taking a break from our regularly scheduled vacation digest to bring you this important message.  modaspia will be at BOOTH 12 in san francisco this weekend at the annual renegade craft fair.  i will be closing the shop friday through sunday and bringing all available stock as well as samples and lots of one off pieces from different seasons.  if you're in the area stop by ! i always love seeing you guys in person or meeting a customer for the first time.  everything will be marked down quite low - basically 1/2 off.  anything left after the show goes to charity.  hope to see you there !


  • I went to your shop & wondered where everything was. Now i see.
    Are you ever considering the pintuck dress or long sleeve silk again???? I saw them when i did a search poking around online. I found another short sleeve randomly online and bought… I love the gray & white one i just got from your summer collection:)

    JLS: albuquerque

  • Wish I could make it! If you have any mediums left over, you can shoot me an email and let me know what you have. :)

    laura hofreiter

  • yay ! will be great to see you again. xoxo


  • Hi! Willow and I are going to San Francisco for the day to shop and see a concert, so we will stop by! :)


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