void ( )

Ursula Dean

something interesting to take you into thursday - a book that will be available in the shop soon.    void ( ) is a small, soft cover book by joe gilmore.  joe and i were flatmates and friends in san francisco in the mid 90s and remained friends over the years.  he is easily the most creatively interesting person i've ever known.  he's also a kind spirit.  there's just no one else like him.  after he got the boot back to england he began a very successful career in graphic design.  his style is uniquely his.  he has done work for the bbc and created album covers for the wedding present - it's that diverse.  void ( ) is a strictly visual book 28 pp. long.  the color reddish-pink prevails in waves over found images.  lovely crisp paper.  oversized soft cover printed with 2 colour risograph and screen printed cover.  limited edition of 70 printed by catalogue library in england.
joe lives with his wife, rhiannon and their daughter edie in york.  rhiannon is also an artist and the creator of intelligent clashing, check it out!
i'll have more images from the book available in the shop listing.  photo booth image of joe (above and below), our friend rob and me (with cigarette).  yes - i used to smoke with abandon.  i think i made all of those silly hats we're wearing too.  xo

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