i was going through a drawer the other day and came across these photos, taken on film in SF around 1999.  they were taken by one of my oldest friends, lee reymore, who introduced me to my husband earlier that year.  behind me is lee's boyfriend from new york, the now famous randy walker aka carletta sue kay :>  randy has an amazing voice .. the range!  he was just putting together his first CD and they asked me to help them out with some images for the cover art.  the title of the CD is daylight never exposed so total a ruin (tennessee williams).  anyhow - it was a lot of fun.  this is when the old street cars in SF actually pulled up in this downtown bus area.  i think it's all jumbled around now to make room for a lot of glassy high rises.  somehow we just got on board one of the parked and empty trains and no one bothered us. 

i wanted to talk about the jacket:>  i loved that jacket.  it was wool, from the 40s probably and had a short peplum.  buttoned up the front.  i wore it a lot for many years.  i think it was a dark navy color.  it was definitely from a charity shop in the mission district.  when i made the biba jacket, i had the image of this jacket in my head.  a few months ago i was in a thrift store with my daughter looking at ski pants and things like that.  i came across a jacket that caught my eye but i left it because we were on a mission for ski pants.  but i kept thinking about it!  i went back the next day and bought it.  washed and dried it and put it on.  even though it'd shrunk a bit it still fit and i was kinda mesmerized by how it looked.  double breasted wool with front pockets, a rounded collar and another set of vertical pockets in front, like a field jacket almost.  to me it is debonair!  dashing, sophisticated but casual.  it reminds me of marlene deitrich or tony curtis in some like it hot when plays at being the millionaire.  or john gielgud in the loved one.  i've worn it with jeans, with white trousers, with button down shirts and a peasant blouse.  it just has magic - which is something that goes a long way the older you get right?

needless to say i am going to try to make this jacket!  i need to unstitch it and see how it goes together first.  from the lining and faded label i'm guessing it is from the late 60s. 


Jan 18, 2019

So chic and so beautiful!

Jan 09, 2019


Jan 07, 2019

What a fun memory. And what a mesmerizing beauty, Ursula! I can’t wait to see what comes of your adventure with deconstructing and reconstructing the magical jacket.

Jan 05, 2019

what a beauty you are! i love reading about your life (past and present) and how it inspires you ursula. always fascinating. xo

Jan 04, 2019

I loved reading this! Beautiful inside & out, lady. xo


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