unexpected surprises

the new Chloe Dress will be available in this romantic print viscose from last year .. i found enough fabric to make just 6 dresses.  they should be beautiful. 

i will also be making the Pintuck Blouse in 2 of the autumn cotton prints i've shown in the claire de lune style - the blue and auburn florals.  a few stores have asked about that option so i think there is some interest in floral pintucks for autumn ..

if you'd like to pre-order any of these pieces and are OK with not seeing the final product quite yet (lol - no time to make samples) drop me a line and it's yours.

i ran into someone i hadn't seen in a couple of years yesterday, quite accidentally and it felt so refreshing to see her again.  amanda modeled for us on and off for over a year and then sort of disappeared for awhile.  it will be a pleasure to work with her again - plus she's working at my favorite lunch spot here in town, farm table :>


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Aug 17, 2018

Omg those all sound gorgeous! xo


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