turkish red

some images of new pieces coming to the shop next month.  the flutter sleeve dress in a red/grey print from turkey.   i love this color combination, it just feels very wearable and the texture is something everyone remarks on after they see it in person.  it is a crepe, with a wonderful drape and feel.  i'll have pictures soon of the valentina dress in this same fabric.  following that is the velvet blouse with bow in a deep red.  the velvets are on an old wrought iron rack i have in my studio near the window and whenever i come in they always blow my mind with how soft and luxurious they appear in the low sun. 
i hope everyone is hanging in there .. especially in california.  i am just now getting back into work having spent the last week with power on and off.  reading by flashlight.  cooking when i can.  we were not near the fires but the power shut off affected millions surrounding the fires.  everyone looked a little rough around the edges.  hot water became a luxury for some.  i will say the quiet that ensued was nice.  the general hum you hear in your house and neighborhood, gone.  computers, aquariums, refrigerators, street lamps, people working in general - all came to a stop for days at a time.  kids stayed home from schools and waited for updates each evening.  sunday sticks out in my mind as like a day outside of time.  my daughter had been at a slumber party the night before so slept most of the day, like an angel.  my son and his girlfriend had gone to the school dance the night before, which moved to outside when the power was cut.  she came over sunday and they spent most of the day watching movies on the couch until they both fell asleep too.  i read the entire ny times, finished a biography i just bought and cleaned out my closet (felt so good about that one).
i should have the shop updated on friday, nov. 8th.  it's a little late but i think that's actually a time when you might want to pick up something special to wear during the holidays that works year round too.  i'll have the new home goods too - perfect little gifts :> xo


Nov 04, 2019


Nov 01, 2019

Glad you’ll all all right with all the disruptions. Paper books have been around for a long time for a reason. I’m not usually one to wear red but that combination and the fabric! The mustard/grey one has been so good; it’s elegant but works fine as an everyday dress, with a flounce.


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