summer collection coming .. tomorrow !

the summer collection goes up tomorrow so if you read the blog ... you're the first to know :>  some highlights:  the fiji with sleeve makes it's entrance in an inky crumpled linen.  i love the dress.  the longer length, the comfort that comes with sleeves and the overall prettiness of the dress do it for me.  the white pintuck? a summer staple!  the polka dot fiji dresses are really fun.  french tee in the red stripe - finally photographed this on a model, geesh.  silk scrunchies?  yes ... and more on the way:>  my daughter has been busy with this project the past few days.  we're both really happy with how they turned out.

how's your summer going?  if you're off to an exotic locale i do envy you.  we don't have any grand plans for travel this summer outside of some family camping and short jaunts to visit family and do stuff together.  i'm looking forward to our annual lake camp out like my life depended on it.  maybe because it's become a sort of tradition, going there every summer.  you can still see snow on the sierra mountains right now, which is unusual.  someone told me the lakes are really chilly because of that.  by august the temperature will be well into the 90s so an icy lake sounds kinda heavenly.





Aug 30, 2019

danielle -

yes, the version for fall is coming next friday. a silvery linen, really great.

Aug 24, 2019

Love the fiji with sleeves in ink but missed the chance to buy one. Any chance you will offer it again?


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