spring forward

hello xo :>

just in case you were interested in pre-ordering something from the spring catalogue, today is the last day to do so.  well maybe tomorrow too.  fabric orders are going in and production is ramping up soon.  so remember i had an idea to just sell a few styles to the stores, to keep things easy on my end?  just the best sellers really.  wow.  in terms of sales this was the best season i've had since i started the company.  so win-win.  finished the collection in a short period of time, it was more about choosing fabrics than anything.  literally finished sales on my way to the airport to see my folks and offer my time and help there.  it just worked out well and i hope it will continue that way.  less time fussing over wholesale and more time for family as well as creativity for my own shop.

so above are the pieces that will be available in stores (US & canada).  i will have one of each size at too in this coming spring.  i will work in some other fabrics for my shop only.  that's always fun. 

u. xo



Oct 21, 2019

thank you jen :>

Oct 19, 2019

These are all so wonderful! Congrats on a record season! xo


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