well hello there.  is this not THE craziest couple of months of all time.  it is crazier than anything i went through in my 20s hands down.  the pool above is where my parents are staying while they wait for the furniture to arrive at their new house just 5 minutes from me.  keeping them happy in a hotel, with a dog (who is lame) is a f/t job.  once the house is furnished, the direct tv installed, the fridge stocked and the pet ramps bolted down i'm going to open a bottle of champagne.

the other nite when my sister and her teenage girls were up helping we did a photo shoot poolside at the hotel for fun.  it was an easy way for all of us to decompress.  look for photos in the new shop opening - soon, probably friday.  also!  lots of pieces will be on sale, definitely worth a look.  hope you are well xo u.

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