sneak peak

hi :>

i've been working at home mostly, finishing up the spring collection to show the stores for next year.  i'm really happy with how it turned out but more than that i'm extremely happy with how easy it was to accomplish this time.  putting the plan into action of a very limited number of styles (3 old, 1 new) made it a hell of a lot easier.  i'll be shooting this collection tomorrow morning and creating a look book for buyers.  i can make one for my own customers too.  an email will probably go out over the weekend asking you if you would like to be on the list.  i'll post some pictures here too of course.

it is october and i love the weather.  have been "jogging" every other day - more like a brisk walk with bouts of running, as much as i can take lol.  i was surprised one morning when i just started running, walking felt too slow.  it's such a beautiful time of the year to do it right? 

i hope you are all well xoxoxo u.

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