shop up friday !

i will be adding the new pieces for early winter to the shop tomorrow.  please come and take a look ! 
i will be contacting customers who placed pre-orders tonight.  please try to get back to me within a few days time.  your order is most definitely reserved and no need to order online once the shop opens.
above is the new postcard, to welcome winter and also to bring in the new year.  the image is a drawing of my daughter by oami powers, something i really treasure.  the original hangs in our dining room.  she drew it from a photo i took of giulietta in the backyard last year after we took down the hop vines.  my husband fashioned a quick crown from a vine and i put it on her pretty little head.  the back story :)
thank you again for continued interest and support!  u. xo


Nov 13, 2016

oami’s drawings… i love them. amazing talent. this one’s a favorite of course.

Nov 08, 2016

maiastras – absolutely

Nov 08, 2016

!! :) Might it be possible to place a pre-order using the store credit I have?

Nov 07, 2016

maistras – yes, there is a velvet blouse in an inky violet color i am going to bring in next month with some similar pieces. thank you for asking !

jenifer – it’s pretty, eh? with great ambition, i am going to try to send everyone a postcard.

Nov 06, 2016

I was curious about the burn-out velvet blouse you mentioned a while back…will that item be available this winter?

Nov 04, 2016

That is gorgeous! : )


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