shop is up !

look at all those pintucks !  i love them all .. collect em' all :>  the shop is newly stocked with early autumn goods.  the black chloe dress is available, an array of pintuck blouses and a separate listing for the black mousseline version.  the claire de lune in natural silk and the black eyelet jupe are there as well.  i'm sorry i didn't have more of the black skirt but i will be bringing in the cocoa eyelet and the cream & brown jacquard versions a little later.  if you pre-ordered something a ways back rest assured i have your order pending, no worries.  have a lovely weekend and thanks for looking!

bonus question - the first person to tell me where the picture on the shop's homepage is from wins a striped tee !

we have a winner - a long time customer and lover of the ancient world, she teaches the classics at university when she's not working on her garden.  thanks for participating miss k ! 


Oct 01, 2018

d – i should have but g. and i were lost that day believe it or not. i took her with me to meet w a textile studio in oakland and we ended up in the frigging tunnel of course and back into alameda. i wish we’d had more time.
gah dirk is a senior ?? marcello in 3rd yr. things are pretty good. write me a letter i’ll write back xoxo

Sep 30, 2018

I love her self portrait! Did you drive by your old house? You’ve had a couple of really cool houses in the bay area oh and that adorable apartment I fell in love with! Crazy how time flies! So happy you guys are living your dream and loving life! things are good over here. Can you believe our boys are seniors??!!

Sep 28, 2018

hi d !!
thank you .. like giulietta’s self-portraits from art camp? i do .. how are you my friend. i was in alameda the other day. very wistful. xxooxxoo u.

Sep 28, 2018

Your house lovely lady!! So glad you’re still making things almost as lovely as you! XO

DeAnna Thieme

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