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i'll be adding some new blouses to the shop over the weekend, each one made to order.  i especially like the layered cotton in plum / fuchsia.  pair with jeans, voila.  the last 2 images are from last weekend's camping trip to the coast.  we went with assorted cousins, the teens and tweens outnumbering the adults.  i am always happy to ride bikes with these kids.  it's effortless right?  if you can keep up you're golden.  fortunately they spend more time laughing and talking at a leisurely pace than actually clocking their miles.  we cooked a lot.  i ate a LOT.  my sister-in-law came back with fresh fish from the local market and we fried that up.  i made chilie, cornbread .. i'm always hungry lately.  also reading a lot lately and then finding myself so curious about these writers.  i finished camille bordas' How to Behave in a Crowd after coming across this article about her.  then went on to read claire fuller's Our Endless Numbered Days.  coincidentally both books are written from the perspective of a child.  both were great and i can't wait to lose myself in another book .. any suggestions?  the library awaits:>  the book i really want to read is julian barnes' new one, The Only Story but i don't think it's quite out yet.


Mar 11, 2018

Jen I just saw this ! Thanks for the recommendations. Like a treasure chest. I want to find another book by Rachel cusk soon. xo

Mar 08, 2018

I love the new blouses and am happy to see your beautiful camping photos!

I’ve been making more time to read, and have been loving everything by Samantha Hunt; Sam Irby; Jenny Lawson; and Rachel Cusk, as well as these:

You Don’t Look Like Anyone I Know: A True Story of Family, Face Blindness, and Forgiveness by Heather Sellers
The Wrong Way to Save Your Life: Essays by Megan Stielstra
Homegoing: A novel, by Yaa Gyasi
The Floating World: A Novel, by C. Morgan Babst
They Can’t Kill Us Until They Kill Us, by Abdurraqib, Hanif

I have not-Kindle copies of some of these and would happily send them your way if you’re interested! xo

Feb 27, 2018

So happy for you that you got away to the beauty of the northern CA coast! Absolutely gorgeous blouses, as usual, Ursula. Also, I’m taking your book recommendations. I don’t typically ready fiction, but definitely could use a break from the UK travel books ; ) I bought the last J. Barnes book you recommended, but haven’t started it yet.


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