september is ..

Johanna Harmon - 'The Clearing'
Virgin Enthroned,   1891 Oil on canvas,
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Back view of ca 1580 silk velvet doublet. Note the ribbon bows at back waist with tiny wooden spears hanging down.
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just around the corner.  and so is the fall collection !  i'll be opening up the shop a week from tomorrow with all the new pieces.  that's friday, september 6th so mark your calenders :)  i decided to divide everything into two collections this time.  both collections have silk, linen, velvet .. september is more artsy and earthy.  october is crimson, black, grey .. i will also be making a heavy black silk chiffon blouse with "clown" sleeves that month. despite the words "chiffon" and "clown" in there, trust me - if you're not afraid of sleeves you'll probably love it.

for fun, above are some of the images that inspired the fall collection.  xo


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Sep 01, 2019

Be still my heart! 💟


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