sample sale coming

i will be having a little sale here on the blog of some samples, one offs and a few pieces in diff sizes from past seasons.  there are some really lovely wooly things from last fall so they  are coming at a good time and a great price if you didn't get them last year.  as usual, sewing the collection for autumn of this year nearly killed me, in a good way.  there are multiple things i tried out and some i ended up not offering for various reasons.  ex. am i the only one who thinks a cocoa eyelet dress with lantern sleeves is wearable?  i don't know .. check in tomorrow to shop the sale.  first come, first serve.  just drop me a line if you would like to make a purchase and a paypal invoice along with shipping will follow.  all sales items are final sale.  feel free to write me with any questions of course.  u.

* i would like to ask if anyone knows of a good organization to send clothes to for girls / women in need.  i have several productions of dresses and blouses i've been storing for years never really sure what i was going to do with them.  some of the prints are a little "young" or too sweet for my crowd but i'm sure they would be useful as well as enjoyed by others.  all cotton, well made, light and airy.  any suggestions?  they are not going to any good use in storage here. 


Aug 31, 2018

Hiya. Dress For Success would be a great option.

Cristina Woolrich
Aug 31, 2018

*Such a wonderful idea re: the women and children donation. Maybe try local women’s/children’s shelters? Did you already look here?

Aug 30, 2018

I just pulled out a skirt you made in that cocoa eyelet… will be checking in tomorrow early too.

Aug 30, 2018

Setting my alarm for early tomorrow… :) xo


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