remodelista market

Ursula Dean

i know quite a few of my customers live up and around the beautiful city of portland, oregon.  i am going to be at the remodelista market in a couple of weeks along with some other amazing vendors.  please come and say hi if you're out and about.  it is being held at rejuvenation on dec. 17 - 18th.  back to portland - oregon calls :)

on a side note - the little holiday postcards going to customers are nearly ready.  i started with the more long-term customers and am nearing the newer customers now.  it's quite a lot of work actually but it's had the added benefit of really looking at the range of people who buy modaspia.  the list goes back years now, i've been at this so long.  some of you i just can't thank enough for being so supportive, it's amazing.  no one is making you buy modaspia .. you just come back.  you have all had a part in making this happen, something i never would have dreamed to have as a career.  thank you.  u. xo



  • thank you jenifer .. xo


  • I think WE are the ones who need to be thanking YOU! :) xoxo


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