rainy days at home

lemon bloom.  smells so good too.  i was so happy to see this bloom because i've been babying this little tree since i got it for my birthday 4 years ago.  i have yet to get a lemon from it!  the bloom needs a date with a bee i believe.

dutch, giulietta and someone naked but not afraid:>jen, a long time customer and pal gave me this beautiful bowl she made.  a matching cup too.  jen i love these xo !

a few pics from the past couple days while working at home.  with the lovely rain we've had i just wanted to enjoy it - which means being home.  my little dog does better when i'm around so i try to keep her with me, often.  she started a low dose of steroids a few weeks ago and while not a permanent solution by any means - she's visibly in far less pain and obviously much happier because she can get around. 

i went to a yoga class last night - a spur of the moment idea with pouring down rain outside.  i hadn't been to class in ages and my body has recently taken on a lot of the worry in my head.  going was the best thing i've done for myself in awhile, i couldn't believe how much happier i felt coming out of there.  have you ever been so overcome with worry and lack of answers that you're literally hungry for some direction.  this happens to me.  i feel like things will line up soon.  like answers will reveal themselves if i'm open to them rather than cowering in worry and being overcome by stress. 




May 19, 2019

<3 Thank you! Love all these photos – your house looks so cozy and inviting and lovely. xo

May 17, 2019

sol – yes it is ! would make a great perfume .. love the waxy leaves of citrus too.

May 17, 2019

The lemon blossom is beautiful and I can only imagine how lovely its scent is!


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