quiet day

hi.  i know, it's been pretty quiet over here.  it's saturday afternoon.  i'm in bed. resting, reading, writing a little, thinking.  i've been avoiding typing because of a pinched nerve that has just escalated over the months.  hopefully monday's appointment with a specialist will offer some relief.

church bells ringing outside ..

when we looked for a house, years ago, i told my husband i had three requests:  to hear church bells from the house, to hear the wind in the trees .. i can't remember the third now but i think it had to do with birdsong. 

sleeping, getting comfortable is difficult.  last night, the worst since this nerve thing began.  pain that just doesn't stop is hard to deal with but i can deal with it.  i hope you all have been well, hanging in there. 

more soon.



Jun 13, 2018

oh you guys are so sweet ! the appt. went pretty well, yeah. trying some new meds while my neck heals. so far they are working better than previous meds. my PT helping ..

Jun 12, 2018

I hope that you’re feeling better after the appointment, and that you’re looking forward to an amazing summer :)

Jun 12, 2018

I hope your appointment went well yesterday! xo


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