portland - come see me !

modaspia will have a booth at renegade craft fair in portland, oregon next weekend.  if you're in the area, please come by - it will definitely be worth the visit.  probably the most exciting part is the summer collection i had made just for the show.  new fiji dresses, pintuck blouses and lots and lots of pieces i've saved from different collections to bring to this.  wide range of sizes and everything priced much lower than usual.  OMG the striped tees !  almost forgot.  i had 100 striped tees made recently and they're so soft and great - you'll love them.  if you want the special price you'll have to come out though!  once i get back i'll put the rest of the summer collection, including the t-shirts, in the shop for everyone else. 

renegade will take place at PURE space in portland.  see you there ! 

u. xo

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