pintucks and unicorns

Ursula Dean

ssome weekend sewing in the shop today - pintuck blouses in mixed floral cottons and linen.  i'm glad everyone's keen on this new endeavor.  as the days get shorter i find myself wanting to head home earlier and once there it's mentally comforting to know i can sew .. my job as head of everything at modaspia is too often centered around anything but actually sewing.  i think i mentioned, sewing puts me at ease and let's me get "lost in my head", something i need more and more these days.  the annual christmas pageant on main street here in town was saturday, wonderful as always.  i never get tired of the plush little ponies.  this guy held still as i rushed into the street to take his photo.  the weather was brilliant - crisp with blue skies that came and went with the clouds.  the kids hung out with their cousins and grandparents while my husband and i nipped into the pub for a guinness.  later at home my daughter said, "i can't wait for christmas!".  a few weeks ago she said she wasn't even excited about it for no reason other than i think she's 11 going on 13.  the turn around was welcome 'cause i'm always ready for christmas, even if i'm not.  in the back of my head i often remind myself - you have both these kids at home right now.  it doesn't go on forever like this.  and i'm grateful for today.


  • Yes to gratitude!!


  • Sounds lovely : ) I knew unicorns were real! xo


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