i love how the black mousseline wool turned out after a wash and drying in the open air.  it even smells good.  this italian wool started off tissue thin and semi-sheer.  the blouses were then cut with shrink factored in, then washed by hand.  the end result is a more opaque, textured wool that is soft to the touch and lovely.  i could sew many styles with this fabric given the time.

the organic cotton voile pintuck blouse is paper thin and very sheer.  it reminds me of something you'd find in the attic and fall in love with.  just beautiful. the idea with that blouse is that you could wear a camisole underneath or pair it with a vest.  on that note, i put an order in today with my knitter for some of those fuzzy alpaca blend vests in black and grey.  i've worn my to death, even slept in them when it was cold  at night.  they are that soft.

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