mr. blue sky '77

oh wow .. just checking in to wish you a nice weekend.  i am hanging in there, thanks for asking.  the summary of my visit to a spine specialist was basically here are some new meds, new exercises and these things take time.  new meds helping?  i think so but not sure anymore.  a little tired of hearing myself talk about pain though - come on ursula get over it!
driving my daughter over to a pal's house.  beautiful weather.  she plays a song on her phone she listens to literally 20 times in a row she loves it that much.  i recognize the song from 1977 - she is almost the same age i was when i liked the song.  E.L.O.'s mr. blue sky.  it's chunky and fun and hopeful and hearing her sing along makes my heart hurt.  i'm so glad she's at this age where you do that and i know the feeling she is feeling i think - more than that - i know the bloody song and how it makes you feel when you're a tween girl!
getting orders together, both retail and an onslaught of wholesale summer orders.  so many dresses flying out the door these days.  on my desk sits a heap of florals and jaquards i bought to make a collection for autumn.  wools, cotton, silks .. mixing the prints within one style both with skirts and blouses is the idea.  i have a lot of time to think about it while i'm chained to my ironing board these past few days ;>  i think it's going to be really pretty though, i do.  xo


Jul 19, 2018

I’m glad to hear that you’re doing better. I hope that your recovery has been helped by taking some time off on vacation. The fabrics are making me excited for autumn : )

Jun 23, 2018

thanks both of you .. a vacation is in order i think! aloha :>

Jun 19, 2018

best wishes for your recovery, ursula – living with pain, it’s not easy. you always seem to see the beauty around you in whatever form it takes, though, and that resonates with me! thanks for sharing and happy summer from the wintry southern hemisphere…

Jun 18, 2018

❤️ here’s hoping the new meds and exercises help! Nerve pain is so cruddy.

I love the image of your workspace overflowing with gorgeous fabric and your beautiful daughter singing and connecting with you.

Happy summertime xoxo


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