motorcyle school

unbelievably, for me anyway, my son marcello and i completed 3 grueling days of motorcycle school recently.  it's something he wanted to do, there was no getting around it.  i needed my motorcyle license if i wanted to continue riding my scooter to work so we made a plan last year to do this together.  the date was pushed months out by the pandemic but it came time the end of july.  i was excited to do this huge "thing" with him but i was really, really nervous .. almost panic attack nervous.  he was cool as a cucumber, like his dad.  i still can't believe we did it.  i've had so much on my plate lately with my folks' needs that going deep into something out of my comfort zone seemed a little wrong.  you know what though?  it was just what i needed in a way.  after that, i felt more confident.  what my son and i shared - i can't even put a price on that.  we'll always share that.  even the heat back home seemed less searing after wearing full moto gear in 90 f outside that airport, driving around a full 25 miles by the end.  learning turns, breaking, shifting, swerving around objects! 

i ordered some cool t-shirts for my son and i from a vintage motorcyle place in palm beach.  i can't wait to get this - the elspeth beard tee.  i read her book and still have a huge girl crush on her.  ergh - she's amazing. 

p.s. - would anyone be interested in a "modaspia" t-shirt? 



Aug 28, 2020

Motorcycle school! Wow! Just wow!!

Lisa Molomot
Aug 10, 2020

A modaspia shirt would be awesome!

Aug 09, 2020

yes! i’d like a grey, navy… :0)

Aug 04, 2020

Yes and yes and this post has totally perked up my night.

Aug 04, 2020

Jen- yes!

Aug 04, 2020

OMG! BADASS! Most fun bonding time, ever. : )

You know I’d wear a modaspia t-shirt. <3

Jenifer Monroe

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