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Ursula Dean





some more images of the fall collection available  late july.  you can see the other version of the pleated skirt in the heavy paneled eyelet.  the skirt is lined in silk and gives a nice swish when you move in it.  are these clothes old-fashioned?  i guess they are a little but i like clothes that reminisce with the past.  the last shot is a luxury jumper we did in the gia style.  it is thick and soft and crazy soft, a mix of fine merino wool and angora.  i've had some inquiries about pre-ordering things from the fall collection.  i'd be happy to email you a look book with all of the styles and pricing once i finish it.  that should be in the next few weeks.  if you're interested, just drop me a line via the shop.  there's no rush .. we won't begin work on these clothes for at least another month.  u. xo




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