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happy holidays to all of you xo :>  it's been awhile since i posted anything here so i thought i'd drop something juicy yeah?  a few stills from my super 8 christmas movie.  i think i'm in love with film all over again, especially getting my kids on film - ages 13 and 17.  back story, the camera on my phone just stopped working a few months ago, which led to a lot of, "aren't you going to buy a new phone mom?".  well no i don't WANT to buy a new phone so i can have a bloody camera at my disposal 24 hrs a day.  these phones are expensive and i secretly hate everything about them.  when i had to shoot something for work i used my husband's phone.  after a couple of months he offered to switch with me as he seldom uses the camera for anything other than capturing motorcycle parts or wiring etc.  before he offered to switch though, i had already decided i was going to get some super 8 film for the christmas parade this year.  my daughter would be dancing in it for the first time and i was really excited to film it.  long story short, when i bought the film i was introduced to this whole new 21st century process wherein they will develop the film for you as well as send you a digital version to watch and edit if you like.  did everybody know about this but me?  i shot most of the parade and then left the last min or so for when we went up the forest to get our christmas tree.  it's dead quiet up there so the sound of the camera was really audible . click click click click ... my kids were a little fascinated by this thing.  i got the digital version back last night and we all watched it.  i love it.  it feels like a continuation of the super 8 films my dad made back in the day of my sister and i and my mom who looks like a movie star:> 

i'm starting the new decade with more super 8 movies of the people (and animals) i love. xo


Jan 22, 2020

Very cool, Ursula! Happy New Year to you. I hope it brings you joy!!

Dec 31, 2019

k. - started a dream / anything journal too :>

Dec 30, 2019

I am starting mine with pencils + erasers + many blank notebooks. Happy new year, ursula and thank you thank you. xxoo


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