local sample sale - sunday

Ursula Dean

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a friend is hosting a sample sale at her house this weekend in sacramento.  anyone is welcome.  samples as well as a wide range of pieces in different sizes from past collections will be available at deep discount.  my husband is tired of me storing clothes in his half of the studio so it's time to move them out, quickly.  details below:
when:    Sunday, Nov. 13th
time:     11 - 3 pm
where:  1809 wentworth ave.  sacramento, ca 95822


  • anything in a size large that is left over I would be interested in..


  • hi – day of sale, i know .. while everything is pretty packed up today i am sure i’ll come back with some pieces, i always do. more soon. thanks! u.


  • Hi, I would be interested on one of your pintuck blouses if you have any, only via mail post it to NZ. Size M. love your work… simple and beautiful..


  • Yeah, what a shit week. I can’t make it to Sacramento, but if you have any dresses in size M that you could sell via mail, I’d be super interested.


  • Seriously?! Ugh! I won’t be around this weekend. I could’ve brought your honey to you (apologies for not sending yet, btw—work, kids and sick mother). Damn, damn, damn! Please let me know if you’re eager to sell anything via mail ; )


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