late winter sun

Ursula Dean



with the first brilliantly sunny day in weeks i drove out to my friend's farm today.  the drive out is only 10 minutes but in that time you see the town go completely rural. the pastures are livid green right now from the rains.  animals lolled in the sun, muddy and content.  i feel muddy and content lately.  life is not easy.  it seems to get more complicated with age .. children .. one's parents getting older.  it's fast and sometimes you wonder if you're really living the life you were meant to live or simply keeping up with everything that's thrown at you.

what a digression.  i guess for me there are one or two things that allow me to really be in my head and present with myself.  one of them is working.  the creative end of it anyway.  i am not brilliant at this and i'm completely blessed that anyone takes an interest.  it is something that helps me navigate a lot of the pressure of life.  to decompress and think about things without becoming overwhelmed.  a perk.  a safety net. 

the new collection is being sewn presently.  i will open the shop next week.  it's a small collection .. but sweet.  thank you melissa for being so gracious with your time and your home today. 


  • lesa – wah !! she is a dead ringer for that model, yes …


  • betty .. thank you !


  • HAH! It finally hit me regarding who your model/friend, Melissa, reminds me of . . . Lucie de la Falaise! One of my favorite models from way back when.


  • always love both your words and photos ursula.


  • thank you jen xoxoxo !


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