late winter sewing

Ursula Dean

silver-grey parish skirt in washed silk/cotton $125 worn w/ white silk shell and light grey vest.
linen parish skirt in russet $125 worn w/black calico cotton shell $95 and black vest.
blue calico cotton pintuck blouse $100 worn w/the * new vest in "rope" $120.  silk / baby alpaca blend yarn.
paisley cotton pintuck blouse $100.
parish skirt in washed navy irish linen $125 worn with white silk shell and grey vest.
pinstripe linen shell in brown worn with posey cotton voile pintuck blouse.
* new vest in "iced mocha" $120.   silk / baby alpaca blend yarn.
. . . . . . . . .
happy new year everyone.  i've been sewing like mad the last week, finishing  samples for a small late winter collection coming to the shop soon.  really the star here is the new vest we worked out in december.  available in "rope" and "iced mocha" with a contrast cream border.  silk and baby alpaca, it's very soft and warm.  the cut works over any of the modaspia shells or pintucks.  this is mostly a collection of easy separates that can be mixed & matched.  a few pieces are one of a kinds. most can be pre-ordered if you're interested:  parish skirt in navy or silver-grey.  pintuck blouse in navy calico cotton or the paisley. vest in black calico cotton.
* note, model wears the medium "new vest" in these pics only because we don't have the small sample yet.  still, it looks nice.  a small will be a tad more fitted and shorter.  we'll have pics of that soon.
oh !  so this is the lovely melissa ... she was a customer-turned-model back in 2009.  since then she has moved a bit, had 3 little girls and recently settled in MY town.  she and her husband have a working farm with dairy cows, sheep and chickens.  if it ever stops raining we have grand plans to do a second photo shoot out at her place.  strictly fun and editorial.  can't wait!


  • Irresistible is the right word!


  • Truly perfect in every way! Everything works together. (and those boots!!!!)


  • Everything is irresistible. Will send you an email soon.


  • wow wow wow! :)


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