late autumn in the shop

i feel like i've sprung this on you .. the rest of the autumn collection is now in the shop.  some really pretty pieces. 

i've been so busy with different things from making a devil costume for my daughter to working with new stores for spring.  sometimes i just want to crawl under the covers to be honest.  it's such a short life.  i can see that now.  i shouldn't complain and i probably am not complaining .. just making the declaration - there's a lot going on!  and nothing at all after awhile.  just watching and taking things in, which is what i do a lot now.


Oct 30, 2018
Oct 28, 2018

The floral Chloe came out so good (yes, I should have reserved one). I love the mood of this autumn collection. So often I just want to sink into my chair by my backyard window and that’s all. Then back to work.


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