yarn whore

funny thing after a good, all day cry is you usually feel better the next day. 

completely unrelated, i was in a shop recently called dharma to pick up some art supplies and got completely overtaken visually to my core by all the yarns.  the colors, the textures, the little balls with multiple colors throughout that look as if the palette were designed by .. well someone with a twinkle in their eye.  i was already late to meet with a buyer but stayed another 20 min at dharma asking questions and looking and touching all the yarns.  i finally collected myself and bought a thin sort of mustard colored ball to make hand warmers (the novice's classic first project) and another pinkish hued, mohair yarn that was irresistible.  the color against grey wool is my idea of perfect balance.  light and dark, soft and rough.  the world is falling apart and i'm taking refuge in learning to knit i guess.

later i met with a new store in mill valley that is now carrying modaspia called Pollen + Wool.  if you're in my little kindergarten home town do stop in there.  lovely shop.  they had laid out on tables, under a skylight, the most beautiful sweaters by berlin-based Maiami.  swoon.  i couldn't take my eyes or hands off the chunky stitches, the variations in color.  a powder blue sweater with tangerine just at the rolled neck. 

a few doors down from my studio is a lovely yarn store with really nice people to help you - yeah!  classes, workshops.  maybe some new friends too:>  looking forward to my first lesson there, which happens to be free.

do any of you knit ?!  does this all sound familiar?  xo u.




Nov 09, 2018

I taught myself to knit from books maybe 12 years ago, and just recently finished my first sweater. I’ve got one sleeve and the neck to go on my second, and I think this one I will actually wear! I’ve found that making mistakes I have to undo and redo has taught me A LOT over the years.

Nov 06, 2018

lesa – o i just saw this! yeah dharma trading co. curious what you’ve made over the years. curious what i’ll be able to make lol.
i will get any notes on the hand warmers this week when i go in.
san rafael .. you know when i was there couple weeks ago i felt so sad, my lil hometown. ate at a cafe next to MY cinema where we used to go see Herbie the Love Bug, the Shaggy DA etc etc. i looked in at the lobby for the first time since and almost cried.

Nov 05, 2018

So cool that you’re going to start knitting, Ursula!

Dharma Trading Co. in San Rafael? That’s where my knitting journey started. I bought a teach-yourself-how-to-knit book, my first knitting needles, and yarn there when I was 20 or so. If only I’d kept with it, I’d be really good at it by now. I do enjoy knitting, but am pretty slow at it. I have an embarrassing collection of yarn—it’s embarrassing because there’s so much of it relative to how often I pick up the knitting needles (maybe once every other year). Can the instructions for the hand warmers be found online? You might have actually given me some motivation to knit along!


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