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i was in san francisco yesterday with my niece and daughter, just kicking around.  less rushed than the last visit and thankfully my car was not towed again.  i asked my niece, frankie to snap a couple of pictures of me in a dress i had made for the shop.  the valentina in a dark red and grey print crepe from turkey.  it has a beautiful drape and i dig the colors.  the fall collection is making it's way to the shops i sell to right now if you're near one.  not everything is ready yet so rather than pull my hair out worrying about delivery dates i shipped what was ready and everyone seemed cool with that.  the velvet tops will be available in september, which seems more fitting for velvet anyway.  there are some great pieces i made just for my shop that i'm excited to share later.  a deep red velvet top as well as a dijon colored velvet.  a textured black silk / linen valentina dress.  i also have a small roll of black heavy silk chiffon i'll be sewing into blouses myself.

there will be some changes coming as we transition into fall.  i'm hoping they will allow me more personal time for family as well as creative time to make things myself for the shop.  the plan in a nutshell is to limit collections for the shops i sell to to just a few big sellers like the fiji dress and the pintuck blouse.  these are easy to put into production and fun to pick fabrics for.  i want to save the design process for pieces i'll probably make myself for my shop, without the pressure of seasonal deadlines. 

u. xo


Aug 30, 2019

ann- i will post pics of those pieces very soon :>

Aug 27, 2019

Love the red and grey Valentina. Please post photos of the red and yellow velvet tops!

Aug 13, 2019

Such a smart idea to shift focus in a way that gives you some freedom.

You’re such a fabulous model – more, please! <3

Jenifer Monroe
Aug 12, 2019

lesa – honestly ? from all the scraps of paper with little drawings i’ve made over the years. and the notes i keep on my phone of color combinations i observe and think would translate to clothing. mostly though i want to make some of the things that i want to wear and would make me feel like magik :>

Aug 10, 2019

Sounds like a great plan!! Where are you drawing your design inspirations from these days, I wonder? 💛


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