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it's been awhile eh?  i spent most of the summer away from the studio with my kids, something i haven't done in ages.  as a result i've had to play catch up once they were back in school, especially with the spring collection for 2017.  the one that goes out to the shops and features heavily in my own shop next year.  it came together pretty quickly, mostly relying on favorite styles in an array of japanese print cottons and linens.  we will begin shooting most of it tomorrow afternoon to show buyers and finish up shooting after labor day.  last year i opened up pre-sales around this time to my customers and i'll be offering that opportunity again with this collection.  if there is something you are smitten with please contact me via the comments section or directly.  i will get in touch with you close to when your garment (s) are completed about shipping and billing.  the clothing is produced over the course of 4 - 5 months so some pieces are ready before others.  i'll be previewing the clothes here on the blog over the next few weeks.  none of the clothes are "limited edition" this time.  that said, once production begins i will be making a set amount in each style and color, for the shops i sell to and for my own shop as well as all pre-orders.  i don't generally reproduce anything after that.  in that sense, yes - totally limited edition !  anyway - sorry to blather on about this.  i hope you've had a lovely summer .. i'm not one for the heat but watching my daughter and the new puppy playing in the sprinkler was worth it. u xo

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