i'm a squirrel

Ursula Dean

just a quick note before the weekend - thank you everyone so much for visiting the shop this week !   i am shipping all orders today.  i think most pre-orders have already shipped, or i've spoken to you at least in regards to sizing or alterations. 
i can't remember when i've been so busy, every day .. i feel like a squirrel sometimes.  that kind of energy.  i'd like nothing more than to slow down to be honest.  this time of year it feels like what i'm working so hard toward, to just be at home more under the covers reading.  making a fire.  cooking.  nesting.  there is still a ways to go - finishing (starting, please) a spring collection to show buyers mid-october.  i'm officially 1 month behind other designers, the window to show spring closing soon.  once that collection has been sewn, photographed, presented etc - sales finished etc - i'm going into hibernation for winter.  can't wait.

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