huh - Y - ee !

we went to hawaii for 10 days :>  in addition to our family, my sister-in-law and 3 of her kids, my husband's parents .. full crew.  5 kids in total who have all grown up together.  there was a lot of boogie boarding as well as talk of sharks.  giant sea turtles popping up next to you on evening strolls in the water.  fish tacos, a fishing expedition that turned up more fish, which i grilled and which turned me off fishing expeditions because the fish were so pretty.  snorkeling, card games, gorgeous sunsets that make you wish you had a sunset like that every nite.  margaritas with my sister-in-law and lots of talk of moving to hawaii.  hula girls at the mall - i'll take it, they were amazing.  blooms as big as saucers on all the trees.  hikes out to waterfalls where kids jumped after some hesitation and brought a hush over everyone watching until they emerged.  i'm still a little groggy from the transition to mainland time and just being back and wanted to say something about how vacations always make me reconsider my life back home but the words aren't coming.  i did look at land while i was there and thought about a different kind of life, one that involved a walk to the ocean every day and sewing outside on my lanai:>


Jul 13, 2018

sounds magical u! lovely photos too…

Jul 12, 2018

You have a way of writing that is so evocative. Vacations have the same affect on me. Still haven’t gotten over Italy.

Oami Powers
Jul 09, 2018

oh you have those talks too ;)

Jul 08, 2018

What a great vacation! I loved seeing your photos all week. : ) We have moving to Maui talks, too. I love it there.


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