Ursula Dean

i just wanted to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving tomorrow.  we had a nice feast with my sister and her family at home here on saturday since she has to work most of the holiday.  we cooked a turkey, persian cutlets, sweet potatoes, peas and carrots.  we made our annual pilgrimage with all the kids to apple hill to buy local wines, blackberry and apple pie and a pumpkin pie i mostly finished by the following morning (oink).  we spent some time downtown so i could show my nieces the new shops that have sprung up on main street.  tomorrow my daughter is making fresh pasta with a sauce she's working on right now.  it smells delicious, simmering garlic and tomatoes. 
a few days ago i moved our only couch, a huge dark grey velvet affair, into what was meant to be the dining room of the house but is more like the library room.  i moved the couch next to a large picture window that looks out to the garden and beyond that, the town nestled between the hills.  it's caused some problems with watching telly comfortably in the living room but - oooooo can't tell you how nice it is in this room now!  gets such nice sun too.  music just a few steps away .. the loveliest place to read or look out the window and daydream ( space out :> ).  another thing i've noticed is the kids will just stop and sit down on the couch to tell me something.  which is different from shouting from another room or telling me something as we pass in the hallway.  i've caught them talking to each other on the couch too, one sprawled, because children are like cats and like to stretch out given the chance.  this room is next to my office too:  the kitchen :>


  • jen – i did :) hope you did as well.


  • I hope you had a lovely holiday. xo


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