i think this photo from yesterday pretty much sums up our houseboating trip on lake shasta.   it was actually a lot of fun despite the heat.  last minute booking got us a very simple houseboat and patio boat to go with - no frills.  we had a crew of kids easily outnumbering adults .  there was a lot of, "permission to come aboard sir",   rum drinks and shish kabob while we navigated temperatures of up to 110 F.  the sun was apocalyptic in central california over the weekend.  i caught a trout and let it go.  then a perch, which i ate, with lemon.  at night we slept on the wide roof of the boat, my son, his cousin and i.  why would anyone want to stay inside the stuffy boat?  we couldn't understand it.  the stars were beautiful above the lake.  now i remember .. the bats scared everyone away:>  they didn't bother us at all though. 
they should have left all this to the indians.


Sep 05, 2017

Being on the water and in good company sounds like the best way to endure all this heat! Oh for a patio boat and sleeping under the stars.

Sep 05, 2017

Glad you’re back in this space. I’ve missed you. These unrelenting high temps and smoky air are depressing. Happy that you found a way to ease the oppressiveness of it all!


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