happy belated new year :>

more soon .. just trying to keep the train on the tracks this month.  that is, keep my head together.  hope you are all well.  xoxoxxo u.


Jan 19, 2018

Yes we did, I well remember!

Jan 17, 2018

We did! : )

Jan 17, 2018

jen and kristina, thanks and happy new year! you are both writers did you know that? actually i think you do know and ran into eachother in nyc both wearing fiji dresses or something crazy like that. big hugs to both of you xo u.

Jan 15, 2018

Happy New Year! I’m with you this month – I don’t know where the hell my train even is, but thanks to you I’m incredibly well-dressed while searching for it. ; )
I’m always happy to see your words and images here. xo

Jan 14, 2018

Happy new year, Ursula, and hoping 2018 is full of much good and then some for you, yours and modaspia. — My black silk flutter sleeve dress came yesterday: Magnifique!


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