good morning :>

the valentina dress in black plaid cotton (japan) $185

the pintuck blouse in zen floral cotton (japan).  white or black.  $145

good morning :> 

i hope you guys had a good weekend.  i did.  having (finally) passed my written motorcyle driver's test i got to drive the scooter i bought over a year ago.  the idea was to use the car as little as possible and walk or take the scooter around town.  i sort of wimped out when it came time to learn to ride it last year.  my husband rode it so much he went out and bought a motorcycle for himself, something he almost did when our son was very young but i talked him out of.  so now we have the scooter and the motorcycle - which my 16 year old son wants to try of course.  it's obvious he is going to ride a motorcycle at some point (he has been driving since he was 15) so i've tried to make sure any endeavors are as safe as possible.  which is how i found myself taking the next step - a weekend learning to ride a motorcycle safely, with my 16 year old son.  meanwhile i have my permit for the scooter and can ride around town.  i went for my first "ride" with my husband on his motorcycle and me on the scooter and wow it was pretty fun .. scary at first a little but fun.  there are so many hills and back roads where we live we barely saw a car.  yes, go ahead and judge .. i know - motorcycles, teenager .. i'm doing the best that i can here.

in the meanwhile.  above are some shots from the photo shoot we did for spring 2019, really nice.  it is a small collection with only a few styles.  pictured are some of the best sellers i will be ordering fabric for this week.  there are def more fabrics and everything will be available in my shop as well as every store i sell to beginning early next year.  pre-orders are open and can be factored in this week, just drop me a line in the comments or via the shop in the next couple of days.  more of the collection can be seen here, the new IG i set up with ... just modaspia.


Nov 06, 2018

lesa – nice choice, of course! thank you

Nov 05, 2018

Congratulations on your new mode of transportation. Sounds super fun!

Lovely designs, Ursula, per usual 😉 I would like to pre-order the black floral pintuck, if that’s still an option.


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