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i have to say i like the tiny chill in the air this morning - hell yes !  sorry, i love fall and september is "in theory" my favorite month of the year.  i just wish it were more "fall-ish" like back in the bay area when i was a kid.  leaves blowing off the trees, sweaters on - school starting :)  my kids have been in school for months poor things.  through 90 degree weather.  i think eventually we'll move - when our kids are done with school here.  someplace that really knows how to do mountains and mist and FALL!  like oregon or washington .. or hawaii strangely.

ok enough rambling about weather.  i'm not sure anyone reads the blog anymore anyway, blogs are so hopelessly out of fashion these days.  the spring collection.  i am almost done with sewing it and it nearly killed me, trying to finish, take pictures, edit it.  learn how to use a new computer program so i could make a hard copy catalogue etc etc.  all of this going on while one kid starts high school and another adds music class to her curriculum (percussion, yes !).  on top of that our house is finally undergoing some serious cosmetic changes that are long overdue.  think i have a cute house?  i do!  did you know the picture window in the living room has been cracked in two for FOUR years?  as of yesterday we have a new window and i love it.  the house is being painted soon - white washed with grey shutters and a burnt orange front door.  very fairy tale cottage .. dream come true there.   there's more but i won't bore you with home updates.

spring.  i'd like to send out an online look book to everyone interested in pre-ordering.  there you will find the complete collection along with retail prices.  a 10% discount is offered to customers placing pre-orders.  i should have this ready in about a week or 2.  i think i'm going to take a little break from showing spring .. we're headed out of town to the blue lakes to camp and decompress.  i'd like to switch gears soon and make some of the fall pieces i've been dreaming about.  85 degrees outside and i dream of silk blouses under soft wool sweaters, tights, new oxfords all laced up.  it'll come.


Sep 07, 2016

you’re all very sweet to leave these comments, thank you. i really enjoy doing it, always have. the camping vacation was a lot of fun. even the tough stuff like running out of fresh water or keeping a campfire going in the early morning .. the parts that turn into “work” at least had us all doing those things together. camping’s not for everyone. we like it though. i’ll post some pictures from the little blue lakes trip as soon as come up for air here. the catalogue is proving to be more work than sourcing fresh water in the middle of nowhere. it’s a dandy though, can’t wait to share it with everyone. xo u.

Sep 06, 2016

A lookbook! That’s wonderful! I would love to see one and dream of cooler (spring) weather~

Sep 04, 2016

I like reading your blog. :) Your garden looks great!

I look forward to seeing the lookbook, as well as what you’ve got coming for the fall!

Sep 04, 2016

I miss the era (so to speak) of blogs — yours is a fine example, mixing so many worlds (work + life + camping + movies + music + more). From the pieces you’ve posted so far, spring ’17 will be stunning; would love to see the lookbook (gingham and Japanese fabrics? I am in). Hoping cooler mornings and nights come your way very soon. x.

Sep 04, 2016

I love every blog post you create❤️

Sep 03, 2016

Love your comments.. Keep em coming. I had a burnt orange door in the city once. I loved it. It was my favorite. Mixed red and orange until it was just right. The garden looks great!
Looking forward to seeing the collection! xx

Sep 02, 2016

Your blog posts are always a pleasure to read and see – please do keep posting whenever you are inclined to :) I have yet to get to a stage where I can own a home, and enjoy living vicariously through others. The upcoming changes you mention sound lovely…

I look forward to seeing the spring catalog, but also am ready to jump into fall with sweaters and tights. The summer here in East Asia was brutal, and nothing sounds more comfortable than bundling up with a mug of hot tea. I hope you’ll enjoy the last hurrah of the season with the camping trip.

Sep 02, 2016

Yay! You’re back!! I missed your blogging, and I’m probably not the only one that would like to hear more about your house fixing-upping adventures—or at least a photo once she’s painted. I understand that it must be difficult to find the time to blog regularly, and one must need inspiration to do so, I imagine.
I hear you on moving to Oregon or Washington once the kids have finished school. I’ve been warning my husband of my desire to do that since the kids started kindergarten. I either need proper changing seasons, or coolness and fog all year.

Have a wonderful time camping, Ursula.


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