Ursula Dean

the smoke from the fires in the north bay travelled up here yesterday morning.  i'm just at a loss for words how sad all this devastation is.  i'm so familiar with areas up there.  my folks moved to santa rosa a few years after i left home and lived there for ages.  i used to take the bus up from san francisco all the time to visit and get away from the city.  it is a beautiful area to call home.  i just wanted to pass on a bit of information here if you'd like to reach out and help.  the red cross is a great way to do that.  visit RED CROSS to donate.



  • i agree .. actually here are some other places a customer and pal of mine living in sebastopol passed on. ceres community project (CERESPROJECT.ORG) and redwood empire food bank (REFB.ORG) are feeding evacuees. 100% of donations stay within the community.


  • My mom lived in Santa Rosa until just 3 years ago, and my mother-in-law still lives there, and had to evacuate day before last. The devastation is so tragic. It is heartening, however, to see people coming together to help one another. Various food establishments are offering free food and water, other places offering free wifi and computer use, and still other places like gyms are offering free showers and towels, and the list goes on. While I find it more and more difficult to find hope in the divisive political climate we currently find ourselves living in, people reaching out to one another like this restores some of my faith in humanity.


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