me and my dad, colorado

my kids, archery - colorado


me - 20?

 my grandfather

my grandmother as a teen


me and mum


las vegas

a long road trip with the kids, all of us stuffed into the truck with books, headphones, movies, knitting, magazines.  I spent most of it looking out the window this time, trying to turn my kids’ attention to the world outside.  remember the world before these phones, being in the car? dinner at a little restaurant, barely fitting into a booth.  dropping into a hotel after dark then navigating icy passes over the mountains in the morning with a sheer cliff below. I put my head down, I couldn’t watch.  arriving noon at my folk’s house for a burst of a visit.  my dad makes us laugh, he has always been funny.  my daughter loves him it’s clear.  it’s a different dynamic with my daughter and my mom sometimes!  it works itself out, my mom is patient. I’m happy we were together.  no family has perfect times.  it’s never like in the movies.  I realized a few years back it’s about just being together when you can.  I’ll take it.  wishing everyone a happy thanksgiving xo !




Nov 28, 2018

Girl, these photos are amazing. I want to print them all out and put them up on my wall. Love the one of you & your dad. He looks happy…miss you guys!

Oami Powers
Nov 24, 2018

betty – xoxoxo

Nov 24, 2018

thank you for sharing these beautiful images and words ursula. xoxo


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