escape to witch mountain

some pictures from my working holiday i took to oregon and washington with my husband recently.  it's always best to see a store in person when you're showing them an upcoming collection but physically impossible to see them all.  we'd been going to southern california to see stores but this year i wanted to go someplace decidedly green.  portland and seattle were our destinations and they both have these wonderful hotels i'd read about for ages.  we stayed at the kennedy school in portland and the anderson school near seattle.  yes - they are schools converted into hotels with tiny bars, restaurants, gardens and soaking pools.  lovely.  portland is home to una, my favorite store that carries modaspia.  giovanna and her husband opened the restaurant, luce as well as a bar - all very special.  we had a great lunch at luce.
. . . so as much as i was sort of getting down about work it did a complete turn around recently with sales exceeding anything in the past, wow.  i'm glad i escaped to witch mountain when i did because i've got quite a production to oversee now.  i loved that movie btw - escape to witch mountain.  might have to watch that one again with giulietta.


Oct 28, 2016

stunning photos as usual u! i especially couldn’t stop scrolling up and down between the mountain and the (moon) light.

Oct 15, 2016

lesa – i found out i really love southern oregon .. green

Oct 14, 2016

Hope you had a relaxing, inspirational trip, Ursula.

Oct 14, 2016

Lovely photos! Looks like a wonderful trip! xo


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