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i thought it was about time to say hello.   hello ;>  a few pictures from this morning, around the house.  some of the things that help me slow down and relax.  growing flowers indoors in winter (these are the poisonous ones i keep away from the cats by the way), a sweater i'm knitting for my daughter in a really pale blue, my ragdoll cat at her fattest, and the field behind my daughter's middle school - so beautiful.

not sure why i suddenly find it hard to write here lately.  i'll have to come back to it later i guess.  i can tell you this though.  creatively, i think i'm on a bit of a roll.  the studio is full of new things for spring, some just for the shop.  limited edition.  the fall collection (yes working that far ahead) is really pretty and there's a little "set" of the organic denim chambray:  a top, skirt and dress.  spring sales were the best they've been in ... 10 yrs?  did i already toot this horn :>  to put it in perspective, i usually sell around 400 - 500 pieces of clothing per season (spring is my strongest season).  somehow it ramped up to 666 (lol) pieces this time.  i also found out it costs a lot of money to produce that many clothes suddenly.  so juggling short term loans etc.  it's nearly finished though, the rent is paid and i didn't bounce any checks.  the nice thing is production went off without a hitch.  my plan of reducing styles, keeping it very tight with fabrics that work together, etc, to allow for more free time outside the studio .. well it worked.  and i really needed that time because i'm in the middle of moving my parents back to california, back to my town and it's wonderful and exciting but nuts to organize.  we're not even at the most difficult stage yet either.  driving around looking for a house for them is the fun part.  so more on this later maybe.  it's all-consuming.  xo


Mar 01, 2020

I’ll look for the blue sweater on your lovely daughter at school!

Marta Harris
Feb 05, 2020

Jen 😘

Feb 04, 2020

So wonderful that your parents will be in town soon! And big congratulations on your high sales and smart approach that gives you some space to breathe. That sweater is dreamy… xoxo


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