dec 17 - 18th

Ursula Dean

hi gang - just a quick reminder that the holiday remodelista market in portland takes place this weekend, dec 17 - 18th.  hope to see you there :)  i am bringing lots of dresses, fuzzy alpaca sweaters and vests as well as a few children's pieces.  a new pintuck blouse (love) in a pretty paisleigh print was made in time for the market.  everything in the shop will be at the market marked with a discount for the holiday shoppers.  i am going to be closing my online shop for the weekend and reopen next week. 
i've always been keen on doing the remodelista market so when they told me there was an opening at the portland event i sort of jumped on it without thinking about snow and such.  reality check:  my husband loves to drive us everywhere, hates to fly anywhere.  so again we are making a road trip through beautiful oregon to the tippy top where portland sits.  except this time there will likely be snowflakes accompanying us.  we are still knocking around the idea of buying a little piece of property up there near the coast so i guess this is a good time to see flip side of the weather in oregon. 

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