conca dei marini

Ursula Dean

conca dei marini is a very, very small town on the coast of southern italy.  it was by far my favorite place during the 3 weeks we were in europe.  sure it's great to visit cities like paris and rome but give me a quiet view of the sea, the smell of jasmine and a little seafood restaurant on the beach and i've arrived.  i took this picture as i was walking back from the local market, a walk i made nearly every day through steep windy streets to nearly the top of the cliffs this town is perched on.  i would buy fresh eggs, buffalo mozzarella, bread baked that morning, sheets of thinly sliced prosciutto and the peaches you could see growing in backyards.  incidentally, produce cost a mere fraction of what it did in large cities - even the prosciutto.  that morning i was woken up by what could only be described as cannon fire.  i still have no idea what it was .. the wind banging the shutters?  it didn't help that there was an actual vessel that looked like a pirate ship just off the coast.  a calendar in the window of the market marked a religious holiday.  maybe the cannon fired in honor. 

* i am going to post a picture a day for awhile and maybe a few words about where and when it took place.  i realize now it's a bit much to try to talk about our trip in one post and to be honest i'm still processing it :>  xo


  • Perfection. Heaven. Sign me up! :)


  • Gorgeous. Yeah, vacation for me is all about good food, pretty scenery, and siestas, lol. I try to make everyday life as much like that as possible, actually.


  • Yes! Reading to really look forward to!!!!


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